GitPHP Internationalization

Added by Chris Han over 3 years ago

I’ve had an internationalized branch of the GitPHP rewrite ready for some time, but I was holding off on merging it until the rewrite stabilized. However, it became a pain for me to keep rebasing the branch over and over, so I just decided to merge it, even though there are no translations yet. You can look at the discrepancy between the author and committer dates to see how long it’s been sitting around.

With that said, now GitPHP is, in theory, able to work with any locale as long as someone translates the strings. The only thing I’ve done so far is string tokenization - I could probably pull out the date formats and allow those to vary by locale, however right now it’s not a big priority because the dates used throughout GitPHP are mostly ISO dates not specific to any locale. Also right now the language is defined at the config level - I intend to add the ability in the future for users to choose their own language.

So now, for the second time, a call... if you’re interested in translating GitPHP’s strings into another language, contact me. I know some of you contacted me earlier the first time I made this call, but I decided to hold off since I knew this rewrite was coming. I apologize, but I’ve probably lost track of your emails - so if you’re still interested, please contact me again.